Full Length Under Shield for Scrub-Up Troughs

Available as three standard lengths
• 750/800 mm (single)
• 1500/1600 mm (double)
• 2250/2400 mm (treble)

Stainless steel under shield for all ranges of Scrub-up sinks, with fully enclosed sides and bottom to wall with contoured bottom edge. The under shield slides underneath the trough on rails, with one retaining screw for easy access and will cover the waste water trap and pipe as well as any hot and cold water supplies.

Part No: FUS-01
Full Under Shield for 1 Station Scrub-Up Trough.

Part No: FUS-02
Full Under Shield for 2 Station Scrub-Up Trough.

Part No: FUS-03
Full Under Shield for 3 Station Scrub-Up Trough.

Part No: FUS-04
Full Under Shield for 4 Station Scrub-Up Trough.

The under shield option for scrub sinks must be specified at the time of order, so that the guides can be fitted to the trough during manufacturing.

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