Harrier Manual stainless steel sluice (HTM64 type)

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*Pictured unit has top inlet, for exposed cistern option fitted*

HTM64 DU Disposal Unit


Part No: HSS64
Harrier Slop Hopper, manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel (600L x 600W mm). Complete with plastic concealed cistern (add –TE to the part No: for top flush entry and surface mounted plastic cistern), a pair of wall mounting brackets, 110mm plastic ‘P’ trap.


  • Stainless Steel front support legs with adjustable feet. (Add –FL to part No:)
  • Up-stand to back edge. (Add –RUS to part No:) F.O.C
  • Stainless steel cistern. (Add –SSC to part No:)
  • Top entry flush pipe connection, (for surface mounted Cistern). (Add –TE to part No:) F.O.C
  • Tap hole for deck mounted monobloc tap to sluice. (Add –TH to part No:) F.O.C
  • Wrist lever monobloc mixer tap.
  • 110mm plastic ‘S’ trap. (Part No: 110-PST)
  • 110mm Stainless Steel ‘P’ or ‘S’ trap. (Part No: 110-SSPT ‘P’ or 110-SSST ‘S’)
  • 530mm x 530mm  sized unit (Part No: HSSI53)
  • 75mm outlet. (Add –75 to part No:) F.O.C
  • 75mm Stainless Steel ‘P’ or ‘S’ trap.(Part No: 75-SSPT ‘P’ or 75-SSST ‘S’)
  • Wall mounted wrist/elbow lever action bib taps.
  • HTM63 Profile.
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