Falcon HTM64 NT stainless steel surgeon’s scrub up Sink with no touch dispensing systems for both water and soap solutions


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Available as three standard lengths
• 750 or 800 mm (single)
• 1500 or 1600 mm (double)
• 2250 or 2400 mm (treble)


Designed with contoured anti splash fronts to reduce the risk of back splashing the units also have both radiused internal and external corners for ease of cleaning, and for superior hygiene.

Falcon scrub sinks are supplied complete with a chrome plated 38 mm flush grated waste fitting, chrome plated bottle trap and the appropriate number of sensor modules, power packs, battery back up, low soap detector probes, service panel, lockable front opening door for the concealed soap bottle, wall mounting bracket and earthing terminal.

Units are fully assembled and tested, pre-wired and pre-plumbed ready for connecting to the hot and cold water services, mains power supply and the waste water drain. (The waste water outlet can be either left or right handed)

Special lengths up to 3000 mm can be custom made to order. Manufactured as standard in 304 grade and 16 gauge stainless steel although units can be manufactured in 316 grade material on request.

Wave hand across the red sensor disc and water will be dispensed from the larger of the two nozzles to wet hands first in line with correct hand washing procedures.

To stop initial flow of water to dispense soap; cup hand in front of the red sensor disc and below the smaller nozzle to activate the soap dispenser lowering the cupped hand when suffient soap has been delivered. Wave hand across the red sensor disc for water to be dispensed for the timed period.

Repeat process if further water or soap needs to be dispensed. The sensor disc detects the presence of the hand at 60 mm.

The timed supply of water is factory set for 21 seconds, but can be easily adjusted for 14 or 7 seconds as required.

Low Soap Detection
If the centre of the red sensor disc is flashing then the soap bottle needs to be replaced. When low soap is detected the unit will only dispense four more times to prevent the soap tubes being emptied. Once a new soap bottle is fitted, dispensing will resume.

Green Power Light
If the green power light goes out then the power supply has failed and the unit is on battery back up, consult an engineer.

Sensor Module
Comprises a stainless steel front panel with a back box for recessed mounting into the 360 mm high splash back. The chrome plated spout for the water and a smaller stainless steel nozzle for the soap or antiseptic solutions, are mounted into the front panel.

The soap nozzle is removable so that it can be cleaned and disinfected.

A 25 mm diameter dark red sensor disc in also located on the front panel, which glows red in the centre of the disc when activated.

The sensor module houses the spouts, sensor disc, soap pump, solenoid valve PCB and the low soap warning system. The sensor module is accessed from the front for ease of maintenance.

Service Panel
The removable service panels are located beneath the scrub up trough and concealed in the rear box section.

The service panel is easily lowered down from the unit for service and maintenance.

The service panel houses the power pack, battery back up and the thermostatic valve.

Each station has it’s own sensor module, service panel and front opening lockable soap door for ease of changing over bottles and positioning the low soap detector probe back into the replacement bottle.

The latest technology and easy to use, no touch infrared sensor control for both soap and water operations. Pre plumbed and pre wired ready for installation, thermostatic valves to each station. Lockable front opening door with clear operating instructions inscribed on the front of the door. Battery back up fitted as standard.

Contoured corners to the trough and polished finish for ease of maintenance and greater hygiene, with an anti splash front.

Hygienic no touch operation for dispensing both soap and water. Cost savings for both water and soap usage. Easy to maintain, reliable in use and user friendly. Provides enhanced hygiene standards.

Connection to service panel (per station) 2 x 1/2 male BSP for hot and cold water supply. 1 x 1mm2 3 core mains flex for connection to 220/240 volt 50HZ AC mains supply (via switched fused spur).

NOTE; 110 v 60 Hz AC can be accommodated if required.
Adjust thermostatic valve to required temperature, (normally factory set at 43 degrees) all the internal water and soap connections are pre plumbed. The electrical 12 volt DC supply is also pre-connected internally.

Optional Extras
• All units can be supplied with an underneath cover skirt
• Stainless steel removable station divider panels can also be provided

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