Mallard no touch stainless steel 7/9 litre cistern, for new or existing sluices and WC pan fitted with DVS auto flush

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         • Reduced water consumption
         • easy to use, hygienic
         • easy maintenance
         • flush valve
         • fits existing and new cisterns
         • Side entry 455 x 175 x 330 mm
         • screw lid down

The valve is an electronically operated drop valve, which replaces the traditional siphon and delivers a precisely measured volume of water from the cistern to sluice hopper or WC pan.

The valve and casing are both made from high impact ABS and the valve itself has a 6 mm neoprene facing for an efficient, watertight fit and has a high resistance to limescale. The infrared sensor activates when user comes within 50 mm of sensor. More than one sensor can be fitted to give the facility of dual flushing. Can also be supplied with Touch Pad Switch if required.

Fitting to existing sluice & WC’s cisterns: Retrofitting to an existing installation is simple, using standard fittings.

Tamper Resistant: The cistern containing the Flushvalve can be remotely located, long stem sensor available for cavity wall


Reduced water consumption, easy to use, hygienic, easy maintenance, flush valve and fits existing and new cisterns.


Autoflush Flushvalve


Simply wave a hand over the sensor to activate the electronic cistern valve.

Electronically operated, the Flushvalve delivers a precisely measured volume of water upon activation. The timer can be adjusted to any setting between 1 and 9 seconds, which each second representing 1 litre of water. The Flushvalve is activated when the user’s hand comes within 50 mm (touch pad sensors can be fitted if required) and a 35 second delay mechanism prevents abuse by the user.

An electro-magnetic solenoid coil is central to the operation of the Flushvalve. Upon activation, an electro-magnetic field is created within the upper part of the valve body. This draws up a metal pin, which instantly opens the valve and releases, the water full bore through the flush pipe into the sluice hopper, WC or urinal. At the end of the timed flushing cycle, the electrical supply is cut off thereby deactivating the solenoid and returning the valve to the closed position. Further escape of water is prevented by the unique conical design of the valve seating and atmospheric pressure.

Optional Extras

• Dimensions of control box: 110 mm x 110 mm x 65 mm
• Weight: 950 gms
• Electrical Supply: 12V DC from intergral transformer connected to 240AC mains
• Connection: Via 1 ½ inch BSP fitting at the base of the Body
Also available with 2 inch fitting at the base for European connections.
• Cable: Low voltage screened cable between operating button and timing control.

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